Monday, May 6, 2013

Abbot Kinney: Cute Style, Cool Tunes

Hello potentially hypothetical, but hopefully corporeal readers! I know it's been a awhile, I hope you've stuck around, patiently waiting, like a desperate single girl or job searcher. Sorry I've been MIA, but things have been crazy and I'm currently in Florida maybe having slightly less of an existential crisis.

Anyway, my lovely friend Jenni Halina was recently featured live on the Langdon Nation radio show, singing with Abbot Kinney's Jared Swanson. Not only were they super funny, my favorite brand of witty and profane, but their music was beautiful! And i'm really snobby about music so that means something. This is a band I would really enjoy, even if I didn't know anyone involved. I only write about things I honestly like. Trust me, I wouldn't be telling you about them if I wasn't into it because I'm not that nice of a person. They have a catchy alt-rock sound evocative of Thom Yorke that's especially lush with the addition of Halina. I know this blog isn't really about music, but it's my blog so I can kind of do what I want, right? That's how it works? If you don't like it you can just go read another blog but you won't because deep down in that sick little head of yours you like it when I'm mean to you. And you'll be thanking me for introducing you to this band.

Abbot Kinney has recently launched an Indiegogo Campaign to record a new Ep and go on their debut US tour this summer. With contributions, the site is offering prerelease downloads of the new EP as well as these adorable T-shirts designed by The Mighty squirm T-shirts and Art. I grew up with so many great independent bands who didn't make it simply because of a lack of funds, and I know the world missed out so I really think this Kick Starter-esq idea is great. The T-shirts are actually really adorable and I can't wait to get my hands on one. They would look equally great paired with jeans or a skirt. Check these guys out and if you dig what you hear please donate.

Disclaimer: These T-shirts will not make you look like Jenni Halina, but they will make you look marginally better than you usually look. If you have an erection lasting longer than 12 hours consult a physician. That has nothing to do with Abbot Kinney, but it's just generally good life advice.

Abbot Kinney is online at:

Jenni Halina is online at:

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