Saturday, June 16, 2012


                            Aveda Outer Peace cleanser does wonders for keeping your skin clear.  
                              Can they please add a product for under eye bags? Because damn.

  Hello! Sorry I have been quiet lately. I have been adjusting to my new 6 AM wake up time.  Attending Aveda's Esthiology program is one of the only good reasons for doing something so out of character. I have absolutely loved the last two weeks at Aveda. I finally have found where I belong and what I want to do with my life and other vaguely zen sounding shit like that. Doesn't hurt that my class is fucking awesome either, they are easy on the eyes and good for the self esteem. So are my teachers. I'm actually really happy right now. I feel pretty obnoxious about it.

  I am now hopelessly devoted to facials you guys. My skin has never been this clear, but more on that in a moment. I am just starting to learn the Aveda skin care line. They base their system on Ayurveda, the Hindu system of traditional medicine and divide the skin (and personality) types into categories: Infinity/Air (dry), Fire (sensitive), and Water/Earth (oily) to simplify it. I of course am Fire because I break out in hives at the slightest provocation, and also because I will go up to people who are belligerently drunk and loud on the train and be all "WHY CAN I HEAR YOU OVER MY IPOD!?" We watched this really cool documentary about Ayurvedic medicine too and while I am like the least likely person to hug a tree, it was pretty damn compelling. I mean don't get me wrong I will still totally pump my body full of poison in the name of vanity, but if I don't have to and end up getting even better results I'm more than fine with that. I'm not totally in bed with organics yet, but we are at least glancing at each other across a crowded room wondering if the other is easy. I mean, people are telling me I have beautiful skin. I've never heard that before. That's like, not the compliment I get.  Usually the best I can hope for is people not noticing my skin at all. But I am totally enjoying the positive attention my skin is getting. And it's not just a fluke thing with me. All of my friends in class who have tried the products are seeing a very noticeable improvement. I'm thrilled. I could never sell a product I don't stand behind, because...ew.

 Here are the things keeping my face clear and glowing and all that good stuff:

Outer Peace Cleanser-This is what I think is mainly responsible for it.

Outer Peace Cooling Mask- Helps with redness and inflamation.

Enbrightening Toner-Amazing for hyperpigmentation.

Also: Never use St. Ives Apricot scrub again. We learned that the particles in it are too big and since they are not perfectly round they irritate and can even tear the skin. Go get it from your bathroom right now and throw it out. Or use it on your feet.


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