Friday, July 6, 2012

Allergic to Everything? Some must haves for your plastic bubble...

                                                                         Merchant of death.

  As a small child, I could not go outside in the month of May. Literally. And I'm not saying literally in the way that a lot of people say it where it's an exaggeration. If I went out, even for 5 minutes, My eyes would swell shut, I would get hives, and asthma. When I got a scratch test at the allergist, almost all of the allergens gave me a bump, one or two of them blowing up so badly they thought I might need to go to the hospital. The Dr. said it was the worst reaction he'd seen in 25 years of practice.

  Many years of weekly allergy shots later and I can sort of function in the spring and summer. I still have horribly sensitive, allergy prone skin that is the bain of my existence. I'm allergic to most things in nature, all of the fruit I actually like, and many products. Sometimes I just randomly break out in hives or blotches for no reason. I think I'm one of the only people who's asked to have sex with the lights off, not because of any body related insecurity, but because they had hives.

Here are some of the products that help my skin chill the fuck out:

~Kiehl's Centella Recovery Skin Salve
This stuff is amazing. It makes you instantly stop itching. You can throw it on any kind of irritation, allergy, or bug bite. It contains Tiger herb, which apparently injured tiger's know to roll in in the wild. I carry this with me at all times.

~ Aveda All Sensitive Cleanser
This gentle cleanser is what I use if my skin is just too irritated or red to use Outer Peace. I use it at school(since we practice on each other and you end up having to wash your face 90 times a day) because it won't dry you out.

~First Aid Beauty Instant Oatmeal Mask
This mask feels soothing as soon as you put it on. Leave it for 10 mins and your skin will be softer and smoother.

~Aveda Skin Balancing Infusion for Sensitive Skin
They put this oil on me in class and it made my face so much less red. I've never seen it look as good. I use this whenever my skin looks really pink. It smells really nice too

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