Friday, December 7, 2012

Chanel Make Up:Distract Yourself With $26 Nail Polish

 Hey guys! So a few weeks ago it was my birthday and my friend gave me some swanky Chanel make up. It was such a great gift because I have actually never had any of their products before.

Holiday 2012
  I was really excited about it, but also kind of afraid of it.  You see, for years I'd been telling myself that that stuff wasn't really any better than regular make up. The eyeshadow and mascara were pretty safe because I don't wear that stuff every day, but I am pretty obsessed with nail polish so this was potentially dangerous. I need a $26 nail polish habit in my life like I need a fucking hole in the head. And the packaging was already really nice. I don't always wear eyeshadow but I'm into it, it came in a little Chanel compact with a little Chanel pouch, how can you not love that? And just so you know what kind of idiot person you're dealing with, I have a $30 mirror from Brighton. $30. For a mirror. But it's so me! You just look at it and oh my god that's Kristine's mirror! If I believed I had a soul, it would look like this mirror. Come to think of it, it also came in an adorable little pouch, adorable little pouches are my downfall. I'm pretty convinced at this point if someone offered me the plague in an adorable little pouch I'd be all "yes, please! does it also come in black?"
This $30 mirror is my spirit animal.
  I have not tried the eyeshadow or mascara yet because I have not had an occasion to wear them to, but I have tried the nail polish and I'm sorry to say it's kind of the best nail polish I've ever worn. It goes on really smooth, one coat is opaque and while I usually would never wear red (i prefer much less classic nail polish colors generally),  I really love this color. It has complexity. It is actually more of a burgundy with red shimmer. I feel like I will end up wearing this a lot, it stays on longer than your average polish, and damn it, I want more of them.


 "Luxury" make up like this may seem silly, but really all cosmetics are sort of silly and that's why I love them. Sometimes I just want to let go and be silly and indulge in some fun products. It might seem shallow to some people but it's better than dwelling on the bad stuff. I've learned somewhere along the way to let little things make me happy because the big ones let you down a lot. And a $30 mirror might be ridiculous but I smile every time I look at it and enjoy the simplicity of it just kind of...being what it is. Make up is fun! Products are fun! They're a nice escape, they won't break your heart. There is something comforting about them. This works really well until I get irrationally annoyed when a tube of Dior mascara is shittier than one from the drug store because I'm really upset about something important. It's kind of like the time I watched "Revolutionary Road"when my past relationship was falling apart, I kept crying and saying "I don't know...I just feel really bad for Kate Winslet...".  For like a week. It was bad. I think I just accidentally started talking about real things on a beauty blog. EW.

 Anyway if you are into these types of things, and can afford it because you already have a job and a house and all those important things, go for it. This one is actually a really high quality product.

 Honestly though, if reading this blog has helped anyone relax and be entertained and maybe just forget themselves for a little while I will consider myself successful :)

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