Friday, February 8, 2013

Benefit Fake Up Concealer

Hello dear readers,

 Sorry I've been behind in my blogging! I can change.  I'll try to work on it, please keep loving me. I'm nothing without you. Whatever.

 Anyway, a few weeks ago I got invited to the very exciting Press Preview for Benefit Cosmetic's new concealer, Fake Up.  It was a super cute event, structured like a game of clue. Someone "stole the fake up" and you had to guess who it was after meeting a few memorable characters including a sexy maid and a rich sophisticate. These parts were not played by actresses, but Benefit employees. They did a wonderful job!

She was great!

  I actually really like the product, which thank god because I refuse to write fluff reviews. I would have felt like a huge asshole if the nice people had invited me to their party and then I hated it and didn't review it. Thankfully that wasn't an issue. I was really happy that it's actually a great concealer. I'm not sure where the inspiration for the name came from, since it's once of the most natural concealers I've used. Nothing fake about Fake Up. The packaging is really cute too, if you are a sucker for shiny things, like me.

 This product was designed to hide dark circles and diffuse fine lines by containing a hydrating ring of Vitamin E and apple seed extract around a concealing core which diffuses light. It's almost like a combination lip balm/concealer so it's super moisturizing. It reminds me a lot of something my friend Laura and I used to do in hs after we had been sick:mix some vaseline with some super thick concealer to put around our eyes and noses to combat dry, flakey skin. It worked like a charm and so does this, I was wondering when the beauty industry would produce something like this.

 My only complaint is that it only comes in a range of three colors! This really sucks because their lightest shade, while it blends better than most is slightly too dark for me. I can kind of get away with it but in day light it doesn't work. I'm actually really upset about this because I would absolutely switch to this as my go to concealer, but sadly I can't. I also would like to recommend this to everyone because it really is one of the best concealers I've ever used, but unless you fall in the medium spectrum of skin tones and veer towards the yellow side, it's not going to work for you. This product launches in March and hopefully they will expand their color range some time after that. If one of these colors does work for you, I absolutely reccommend this!

 Also, when I announced I was attending this event people practically swarmed me asking if I could find out what the deal was with Benefit's blue lip gloss. It turns out this gloss is called California Kissin' and it's blue tint is intended to make teeth look whiter. It also has a minty, breath freshening flavor. There is actually something to this, using any sort of shade with blue undertones will make teeth look whiter. You can wear this alone or over a lipstick. I like.

 In closing, I really love this product and I just wish it loved me a little bit more. Please make a lighter shade for my pasty ass, Benefit! I would love to be drinking your kool aid.

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