Thursday, February 28, 2013

Physician's Formula "Nude" Palletes, the Cheap Alternative to the Naked Pallete

Photo by Mark Raker

 Hello All,
Sorry I've taken my sweet ass time getting back to this blog, but some potentially exciting things were happening. More to come about that later. 

 So the other day I was playing with my friend's Naked and Naked 2 Palletes from Urban Decay and I loooved them. But not for $100. Okay, that's a lie if I had $100 that's where it would have gone, but I did not. Being a freelance writer is not exactly conducive to spending $100 on eyeshadow, or anything really. Like really, the next time one of those charity collectors stops me on the street and asks me for money I'm just gonna say "Oh. I'm a freelance writer" and they're gonna be like "OH! I'm so sorry I had no idea..." and promptly give me their jar of change. So while the job search continues I'm not exactly flush with funds at the moment.

  My hopes and dreams were not completely crushed however after seeing the new Nude line from Physician's Formula. They really have a nice little assortment ranging from the colors of the Naked palletes and even beyond.  I received the Smokey Nude pallete from a friend and adored it so much that when I was itching for the Naked pallete I snatched up the Classic Nude collection myself. You see these babies are only like $11 bucks and then I did not have to spend $50 on the Urban Decay 
shit, so I was actually saving money. That right there is how logic works. Mmhmm.

I have to admit the velvety texture of the original Naked Palette is untouchable, but these are pretty good too. They are pretty well pigmented and I think I even like the color selection a bit better. They're really versatile as you can wear them alone for a smokey nude eye, or pair them with other colors. I only have two of them (so far) but there is a version to suit every skin tone. If you're looking for a cheap, good quality nude set look no further.

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  1. yay! thanks! i want this now because its hard to find a drugstore brand that does NOT endorse animal testing!